I have done extensive search and multiple tests to no avail.

Let's assume the following...
I have an Excel sheet ("HW") that I am using as a form. to capture details. Each respective Cell is Named So, A1 = HW_FullName, A2 = HW_ID, A3 = HW_Age etc...
I have another sheet ("Agents"). This sheet has a Named Table (tbl_AgentData) and I would like to use the Named Ranges by Header for the table i.e. tbl_AgentData([FullName]).

Now once the "HW" form is filled in I want to click on a Macro Enabled button to then populate "tbl_AgentData" with the respective data.

Macro Button already created.

Let say I now put "John Doe" in Cell A1 which is HW_FullName. John already exists in tbl_AgentData([FullName])

Sheet ("HW")
Range Description Range Name Data
A1 Persons full name A1 = HW_FullName John Doe
A2 Persons ID A2 = HW_ID 12345
A3 Persons Age A3 = HW_Age 20

I want to take the info using it's respective Range("name") above and populate the table below (tbl_AgentData) once I click on the Macro button.

So basically, I want to find "John Doe" using tbl_AgentData([FullName]) and populate or amend the data that already exists in tbl_AgentData([ID]) and tbl_AgentData([Age])

Sheet ("Agents") : Range = tbl_AgentData
1 Jeffrey Gold 4324 30
2 Angie Drew 964 43
3 John Doe 12345 19
4 Jessica Jones 4474 25