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Thread: Sensitivity analysis

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    Sensitivity analysis

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    I'm trying to set up a sensitivity analysis that will constantly update the table values if I enter a variance or change one of the input variables.
    I have a table of variables which all impact the NPV of a project. The NPV values are in the table.
    The problem is, I have to make the NPV values static every time I change a new variable, otherwise the new change overwrites the NPV values corresponding to the other variables.

    For e.g., if I enter -5% to one of the variables in the table, the baseline project NPV (in the table) and the tornado chart values should automatically update.
    If I reset that variable to 0 and change another variable, say to +10%, the baseline project NPV (in the table) and the tornado chart values should automatically update.

    Is this possible? Would greatly appreciate if someone could actually do a mock up for me and send me the Excel file.
    I've attached an image of the Excel sheet with my attempt at the sensitivity table and an explanation of what I want.

    Thank you

    NPV values in red are linked to another cell in the workbook which automatically calculates a new NPV whenever the variance is applied.
    Hence, I have to constantly change one variable, take the NPV from that other cell and paste as a value here
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