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Thread: Investment Analysis - Capital Growth

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    Investment Analysis - Capital Growth

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    I've been trying to implement this exercise for quite some time now. To begin with, I believe Excel might be enough to allow me to do all the calculations and output the results I need, but I'm not sure if I'm right on that. Anyway, let me get to the description of the problem.

    The independent (x) axis is time. The visualization should be of the type"month"-"year" (e.g. jul-2017, aug-2017 and so on). The dependent axis (y) is the growth in capital, considering a certain investment. The capital starts at a certain initial value, which we can call Ammount. Ammount increases monthly with the Paycheck, minus the montly living Expenses. So, the general expression is that Ammount(aug-2017) = Ammount(jul-2017) + Paycheck(jul-2017) - Expenses(jul-2017). We are considering that Paycheck and Expenses are actually constant, so they don't really depend on any given time, but keep in mind that Paycheck may occur up to 14 times a year, depending on bonuses given to employees before summer and winter vacations. So far, it's simple enough. Things get more complicated when we want to define a threshold of investment. So, call such threshold Flag. When Ammount of a certain time period is greater than Flag, then the Ammount should be diminished by the money required for such investment, which we may call Investment. So, if Ammount > Flag, then Ammount = Ammount - Investment. At this point, two events must happen within the same time frame (the same month of the year), the Ammount is increased of one Paycheck and decreased of one Expenses, and the second event is that it's diminished of the Investment it takes. I want these two events to be highlighted from the other cells by changing the cell format. This investment will imply also that the monthly net income will not only be the Paycheck - Expenses, but it will be summed by another value, the net monthly Profit on the investment. The calculation of the interest rate of Profit isn't so important now, the more important thing is that the presence of a Profit counter will make so that the net monthly income is growing faster. So, the condition that Ammount > Flag will be reached sooner than before, and so another Investment may take place and so Profit will be doubled. This is basically the exercise I want to build in Excel. The problem I'm having is that so far I had to do it manually, but if I changed the value of a constant, say, increased the value attributed to Paycheck, or increased the value of Expenses, I'd have to manually adjust the positions of the cells, and reorder the entire spreadsheet, basically. So, is this a problem that can be solved with Excel at all, or would I need to do so in another environment, VBA or other? I have little to no experience with programming language, unfortunately, but this is an exercise that I have to complete.

    Thank you in advance.

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    is this some kind of homework?
    Thank you Ken for this secure forum.

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    It is an exciting task, and I would like to find out how experienced investors solved it. Now I am only studying information about college investments and reading books on [link redacted], and I plan to become a trader after graduating from economics college. But practical tasks from life are the most exciting and interesting methods of solving them by specialists. So I will wait for an answer from experienced traders to your question, and maybe I will acquire new necessary knowledge and skills. Thank you for that!
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