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    Unhappy Formula for phased costs


    I need help creating a formula to work out the service cost for number of vehicles added each month, similar spreadsheet for other types of costs e.g MOT, tyres etc requiring different period start and interval. The current spreadsheet requires the formulas to be manually edited if the interval changes.

    The current spreadsheet:

    • Column A = Month (1-60)
    • Column B = Number of cars added in the month
    • Columns C to BJ = Month (1-60)
    • Row 64 = Totals for each month
    • Cell D1 = Average service cost per vehicle
    • Cell D2 = 1st period service is required after purchase of first vehicles
    • Cell D4 = Service interval e.g. every 4 months

    I need help with creating a formula that will automatically spread the cost based on the intervals and number of vehicles purchased for the period.

    Thank you
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