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Thread: Word 2007 macro issue

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    Word 2007 macro issue

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    Please help with a macro issue!
    I need to create a macro that will search the full document and identify the styles and replace existing styles with the house styles. The tricky part is that I don't know the names of the style I'm looking for, but I know the number format. Can I do a find and replace macro that will search for every paragraph with automatic number 1.1 and replace the style with a house style.

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    Macros are advanced features that can speed up editing or formatting you may perform often in a Word document. Macros can help you automate repetitive tasks and save time. Learn how to record and run macros in Word 2007.

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    Ok....I know how to record and run macros...I was asking for a particular case if anyone knows a solution....I don't understand how your reply could help me with my issue...

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