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Thread: Formulating Chart with multiple series data

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    Formulating Chart with multiple series data

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    I am trying to put together a chart for the attached file, specifically the second tab labelled "Units". The first tab labelled "Buildings" is the layout of a storage facility which has different sized units in each building. The idea is that this sheet will be updated (to Occupied) as and when units are rented out. The second tab shows each building and the total number of units of each size (some buildings only contain certain sizes). As the options of "Vacant" and "Occupied" are updated in the first tab, the Vacant and Occupied numbers in the second tab automatically update (by using the CountIf formula).

    I would like to have a chart of some sort that will show the number of units occupied in each building (with the corresponding unit sizes) and if possible the percentage of units occupied per unit size in each building. The objective is to keep track of the total percentage of occupied storage units in each building.

    I've tried various different ways but not getting anywhere in a hurry! I have also tried Pivot tables but I am far from a whizz in either of these functions and desperately need some expertise and advice.

    Thanks in advance!

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