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Thread: Summing up results from index, match

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    Summing up results from index, match

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    Hi All, hope you are having a good day..

    I have used Index and match function to pick up data from a data base. However what I need is to sum up and values of multiple mathers.

    Below, in the left is the data base, in the right is the picked up values for 'GL1-Brand1-Jan'.
    But in the data base for 'Jan & Brand1' there are two GL1 values, 300 and 200, so I need to get the look up value sumed up to have the result of 500. (Formula used --> =INDEX($D$3:$F$7,MATCH($I3,$C3:$C7,0),MATCH(J$1&J$2,$D$1:$F$1&$D$2:$F$2,0)). Pls help, tahnks

    Jan Jan Jan Jan Jan Jan
    Brand1 Brand2 Brand3 Brand1 Brand2 Brand3
    GL1 300 500 300 GL1 300 500 300
    GL2 400 700 700
    GL3 500 400 900
    GL1 200 600 900
    GL2 100 300 200

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    How about

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