I am new to DAX and am having difficulty in converting some excel formulas I've created.

The formula in excel is:

=IF(AND((SUMIFS($J$3:$J$436981,$L$3:$L$436981,L176624,$C$3:$C$436981,C176624,$D$3:$D$436981,D176624,$M$3:$M$436981,">="&EDATE(M176624,-12),$M$3:$M$436981,"<="&EDATE(M176624,-1)))<1,J176624>1),"New",IF((SUMIFS($J$3:$J$436981,$B$3:$B$436981,B176624,$C$3:$C$436981,C176624,$D$3:$D$436981,D176624,$M$3:$M$436981,">="&EDATE(M176624,-12),$M$3:$M$436981,"<="&EDATE(M176624,-1)))>1,"Existing","No Activity"))

I'm classifying each row of data based on total order value in P12m, using 3 variables (country, client, product) e.g. in prior 12months client X has ordered the same product in the same country to an order value of X. If that is zero and current month is =>1 then classify as 'New'. The end piece then does a similar thing but looks to classify as existing.

Is this even possible in DAX or am I barking up the wrong tree?!

Thanks so much in advance for your help.