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Thread: Improvements for function: Sum only Number Columns, maintain column names

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    Improvements for function: Sum only Number Columns, maintain column names

    I created a function to dynamically sum all Numeric columns AND maintain all the columns.

    I also added the option to make any column the Count column.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Here's the function:
    (tbl as table, GroupByColumnList as list, optional CountColumnName as nullable text) as table =>
        TableSchema = Table.SelectColumns(Table.Schema(tbl),{"Name","Kind"}),
        NumberColumns = Table.SelectColumns(Table.SelectRows(TableSchema, each ([Kind] = "number")),{"Name"})[Name],
        NonNumberColumns = List.Difference(Table.SelectColumns(Table.SelectRows(TableSchema, each ([Kind] <> "number")),{"Name"})[Name],GroupByColumnList & {CountColumnName}),
        SumColumns = List.Transform(NumberColumns, (ColName) => {ColName, (Partition)=> List.Sum(Table.Column(Partition,ColName)), type nullable number}),
        NonSumColumns = List.Transform(NonNumberColumns, each {_,  each null, type nullable text }),
        CountColumns = List.Transform({CountColumnName}, each {_,  each Table.RowCount(_), Int64.Type}),
        AllColumns = if CountColumnName = null then SumColumns & NonSumColumns else SumColumns & NonSumColumns & CountColumns,
        DynamicGroup = Table.Group(tbl, GroupByColumnList, AllColumns),
        ReorderColumns = Table.SelectColumns(DynamicGroup,Table.ColumnNames(tbl)),
        Result = if CountColumnName = null then ReorderColumns else Table.RenameColumns(ReorderColumns,{{CountColumnName, "Count"}})
    I was just wondering if there are any improvements that could be made.

    EDIT: (Sorry Column1 was inserted when I loaded the totals, that column shouldn't be there).
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