Hello, I looking for the student data files for these 2 books, if anyone has them or knows where I can get them, please contact me. 1. "Microsoft Excel VBA Programming for the Absolute Beginner, 2nd ED. (2003), publisher was Thomson, Course Technology. #2. "Microsoft Excel VBA Professional Projects" publisher was Course Technology, 2003. I have bought these two books on Amazon & Ebay, and they unlucky for me didn't come with there CD's. So I don't have the Student Data Files need for the accompanying tutorials in the books. The publisher have sold out to Cengage which now doesn't ship new books with the disks. AND I have talked to them about access to there old website that use to allow student to download files directly, but they no longer support these 2 books. To OLD. I have check all my local libraries online and no one still has these books. I'm not willing to pay 3x retail or higher for a new book from the sharks on Amazon or Ebay or others for a NEW BOOK.

thank you for your time
Ray A. Long