I have been developing vba code to produce an attendance register for a 600 member organisation.

My workbook has six worksheets:

1. contains parameters and the action button to run the vba code
2. contains personal data of the 600 members downloaded from an external system
3-6 contain the register in four sections based on first letter of surname. The names are in two columns with a tickbox alongside each name. The code sorts the names such that the names read down column 1, then column 2, then next page etc.

The code was working and I then started to tidy up the code, introducing some loops with indirect sheet names etc. All was going well when suddenly sheets 3-6 became blank for ne reason that I can see. Even the row numbers on the left hand side disappeared!

A screen shot is attached.

I am not providing the code (at this stage!) since it takes time to read through and i am sure many would concentrate on where I could improve the code. So the simple question is does anyone have a clue as to what might cause this?Click image for larger version. 

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