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Thread: Fixed or Absolute Cell

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    Fixed or Absolute Cell

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    I have Cell C3 for example, linked to another worksheet. I want to be able to copy the row below (row 4) and insert it above row 3 but the link on the other worksheet must still show the original link i.e.C3. How can I fix that link.

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    How about:


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    Hi there, welcome to the board!

    As CheshireCat posted, you can use the INDIRECT() function. I personally don't like using this as it can be expensive in recalc. There are a lot of ways you can do this. Probably the least expensive would be INDEX(Sheet2!$C:$C,3,1), since the rows will move around. While I don't know what this application is for (which always gives us a better idea of what solutions would be best suited for your needs), I will tell you that a spreadsheet model where you don't need to insert/delete/cut anything is almost always better off. That being said I have no idea what you're doing orif this is applicable.
    Zack Barresse

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