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Thread: Visual timelines graph

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    Visual timelines graph

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    I have data on excel that I need to organize. I can show you the spreadsheets I'm working with.

    I manage several accounts and each is assigned to an account executive. Sometimes an account executive will leave the firm or accounts will be reassigned. I know the date that they started and left, but I want to create a full color timeline so I can see graphically who was on what account when, and how many a given account executive had at any given time.

    The same goes for our vendors. We have elevator service companies, sprinkler companies, maintenance companies, etc. that service our properties, and oftentimes they come and go. When we have to retrieve elevator filings from 2 or 3 years ago, we are lost sorting through past bills and accounting records. I want to create a full color timeline for this too, so I can see which properties are using which vendors, and if I have to go back to a given date in the past, I can find it there.

    Can you help me?

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    Do a search for GANTT CHART. There are plenty of examples on the internet and this FORUM as well as other FORUMS.

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