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Thread: changing dates on axis

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    changing dates on axis

    Hi all,

    I am working with time series data - consumer price index, wage growth etc - from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. the dates are coded, so for example, "36861" is the actual input which becomes "1/12/2000" when changed to a date.

    My problem is that when putting info into a graph I often only want to display just the year on the axis, not month or day. however, in the axis options there is no obvious way to change this. if i go to Format Axis/number/category/date i get a bunch of options ("14 March 2012", "14/3/2012" "14-3-12" etc), but none that just show the year.

    Often these data run for 50 or more years, so entering a new column of dates doesn't seem like a realistic fix, particularly as sometimes a series change from monthly to quarterly, or quarterly to biannual.

    I think i must be missing something obvious, but cant figure this out!

    any help gratefully received!
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