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Thread: Allocate data from one sheet to the respective fields in another sheet

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    Allocate data from one sheet to the respective fields in another sheet

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    Hi guys,

    I am having a data in one sheet, which will get updated everyday. In different cells i am having different machine priority list. As and when i update the data in the respective sheet, i need a button called "allocate" which when hit will allocate the respective contents in the appropriate cells in other sheets based on m/c no:. Sample file is attached.
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    I think I understand but just want to clarify a few points.

    You input data on sheets cell1 and cell2, and want all the data to end up on the Data sheet to view it all together.
    You have 2 forms on each of the cell sheets, will these remain a constant size, or will this need to grow past row 13?
    You seem to have more data input on the cell sheets than you have on the data sheet, do you need all the information or just part of it from the cell sheets?
    Will the Data sheet need to be cleared and refreshed each time you copy the data, or do you need a complete history on the data sheet?


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