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Thread: how to run 2 VBA codes on 1 sheet

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    how to run 2 VBA codes on 1 sheet

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    I tried to run 2 simple codes they worked separately. When I ran them together the data was interfered with each other. Please help. Thank you :-)

    Sub calc1()
    Range("$D$2").Value = Range("$D$2").Value + Range("$C$2").Value
    End Sub

    Sub calc2()
    Range("$D$10").Value = Range("$D$10").Value + Range("$C$10").Value
    End Sub

    Private Sub Worksheet_Calculate()
    Call calc1
    Call calc2
    End Sub

    I tried Range("D210").Value = Range("D210").Value + Range("C2:C10").Value not working any idea?
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