Trying to figure out "best practice' for replacing files when incremental development is done to a power query/DAX solution.
My current approach seems to be in conflict with how Office 365 is set up and is as follows:
  • Open a shared file(either cloud shared or in Teams)
  • Rename it as a -dev file & create the new functionality
  • Archive the original file(by renaming but you also have to remove sharing because the shared links still "find" the original file).
  • Save -dev file to the original cloud/Teams location with the original filename.
  • Reshare the new file to the community since it appears to the end users as a completely new file. (subsequently I am finding resharing confuses the community since they wonder whether this is a supplemental or replacement file)

This process was so much simpler when sharing the link to our network public drive. The share rights and the location all remained unchanged

Any suggestions or pointers to a "recommended practice" site?