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    Row Count of Merged Table

    I have a self-join table where I'm trying to find the number of Child Jobs to a Parent Job. I guess you can call this a "COUNTIF()".

    I've done two approaches in my attached file:

    1) Merge the table, expand, Group By all the original columns to get the count of rows
    Pros: Fast - as in mere seconds
    Cons: Although my sample only shows 5 columns, my actual data has about 25 columns and may expand in the future making modifications to the Group By step necessary

    2) Merge the table, add a column that does a Table.RowCount() on the column and removes the merge data
    Pros: alleviates the con in scenario 1
    Cons: Slow - with my data this takes about 8 - 9 minutes.

    Note: my datasource is a CSV file from our ERP system. The attached has sample data as a Table source.

    Am I missing something obvious for this or is there a better approach to this?

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