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Thread: Dynamic Variable Names

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    Dynamic Variable Names

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    Dear All,

    I have some VBA where I am declaring SEATTab as an object

    Dim SEATTab As Object
    Set SEATTab = CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary")
    Dim SEATTabName As String
    I set the variables as follows:

    SEATTab1 = "F01_F003"
    SEATTab2 = "F01_F004"
    SEATTab3 = "F02_F003"
    SEATTab4 = "F02_F004"
    SEATTab5 = "F02_F008"
    SEATTab6 = "F02_P007"
    SEATTab7 = "F03_F003"
    SEATTab8 = "F04_F003"
    SEATTab9 = "F04_F004"
    SEATTab10 = "F05_F003"
    SEATTab11 = "F05_F004"
    SEATTab12 = "F05_F008"
    SEATTab13 = "F05_P007"
    SEATTab14 = "F00"
    I then loop through the tabs to do some work.

    For TabCount = TabCountStart To TabCountEnd
            'Load Tab Name
            SEATTabName = SEATTab(TabCount)
            'Activate Source Worksheet
    This works in another module but it does not work in this module and I do not know why.

    The issue is the the SEATTab(TabCount) value is not copied to the variable SEATTabName

    Your assistance would be gratefully appreciated. I can send the full module if required.

    Von Ryan
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