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Thread: New to VBA - Basic Macro Help Needed

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    Question New to VBA - Basic Macro Help Needed

    Hello, I am new to VBA and this forum. I am hoping someone has a moment to help me?

    The macro, below, is executed by clicking one of three choices in a combobox. The combobox is linked to cell "L5". Each time one of the options (Turn, River, Other) is chosen, the result in cell "O14 is the same...the value from the last line executed under "Else".
    I have tested the "Index" functions (one at a time) in the Master sheet formula bar, and the results were correct for each. Your time and assistance is appreciated.

    Sub StreetChoice()
     'To match street choice to options
        If Range("L5") = "Turn" Then
            Range("O14").Value = "= Index(G58:G80,match(I6,E58:E80,0))"
        ElseIf Range("L5") = "River" Then
            Range("O14").Value = "= Index(H58:H80,match(I6,E58:E80,0))"
            Range("O14").Value = "= Index(I58:I80,match(I6,E58:E80,0))"
        End If
    End Sub
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