Hello there

Trying to sort out some rows in a sheet...

there is also a column name equipmentType (I) and contains "Wire" or "Equipment"

And a column called category (C)

I want all rows that contains category "08.MISC" and Equipmenttype "Wire" to be deleted

but, i need to flag som rows safe for deleting. see attachement.

Example: If value of A5 exists in B then A5 is safe

Red text.. these will be deleted
Green text- these are safe
Blue indicate deviations that are safe as explained in the example

rows 29-37 is deleted... Because it contains "08.MISC" in C column

Other rows not whown here is deleted becaeuse it containe "Wire" in I column

Rows 2-28 will remain

Rows 4,12,15-23, 27-28 contains deviations

row 4 contains "08.MISC" in C4, but is safe because B4 has a value.

Row 12 contains "Wire" in I12, but is safe because B12 has a value

row 16 is safe because the value in A16 exists in B17-B23

Row 27 is safe because the value in A27 exists in B28.

Hope you understand my problem. I find it hard to explain it simpler
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