Hi Guys,

Looking for some assistance here, I have been working on an automatic break generator and have so far come up with the attached using formulas and conditional formatting, however, some of the cells/times don't seem to be doing what I want them to do and I feel like I have gone too far to even imagine where to begin to look in order to fix them.

Essentially what I'm looking to accomplish is;
For example Agent 1 is working from 9am-5pm, so I set the start time and the end time of their shift, this automatically populates cells with a yellow bar highlighting the start and end time as well as calculates which breaks they are entitled to and then populates the breaks in green (15mins) and red (30mins).

Ideally the breaks would not be clashing where possible.

If someone can have a look and give me some advice it would be VERY much appreciated, this is a manual process we are having to do at work and is time consuming.Break Generator Test.xlsx