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Thread: need formula to display the students grade by comparing roll no and register no

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    need formula to display the students grade by comparing roll no and register no

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    Hello Friends,
    i am having one doubt for displaying students grade from one sheet to another.i just started to create one excel sheet for engg students grade that after entering all the students grade for one particular semester,if one particular student is asking his mark statement means how can i display the grade for the particular student by comparing his register no or roll no in another sheet.if i am changing register no or roll no means for that particular register no or roll no i need that student grade.

    herewith i attached my excel sheet.

    In I YEAR sheet for example i am having two students i sem results,if any one the student is asking his mark statement for first sem means.Now i want to take printout using the sheet STAT.In that if i entered any one the student roll no means i got formulas for displaying his register no,name automatically which roll no we entered.Now i need to display his first sem marks as we entered in sheet I YEAR for a particular student who's roll no what we entered in sheet STAT,this will continue for N no of students.
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    it seems complicated for me, can u simplify a little

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    See if I understand you. You would like to be able to return a students grades in another sheet and be able to print that sheet off. Would you want the sheet to clear out so you could re- use that same sheet for the next student as well?


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    yes jpl73.which student is asking the mark statement we have to give the statement to them

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    OK, I'll try to take a look and see if I can figure something out for you. Please be patient, it may take me a few days.


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    I took a look at your workbook, I am still a little confused what sheet you want printed out for sure, I am thinking it is the Stat sheet but not sure. Could you also add some example data into the workbook, so that I know what it is suppose to look like. Also please clarify what sheet needs to be printed out or is that sheet need to be created yet?

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    attachment with exaple

    Mr jpl73 herewith i attached my sheet with example
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    Grade entering


    I think I got it accomplished for you, it seems to be working but if it doesn't let me know. I didn't add any coding to delete or print the page out, I wasn't sure if you wanted that or not. If this is not what you needed let me know and I'll try fixing it for you as best as I can.
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    I should tell you that I added a section in the year worksheet so that I could use it as a reference section.


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    thanks mr.jpl73 i got the thing what i need thanks.........

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