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Thread: Color changing cells by 6 dates with 6 coresoonding colors

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    Color changing cells by 6 dates with 6 coresoonding colors

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    We have a shop schedule that is already in use. We would like to add a visual in a dated chart just off to the side that will show the date and if that date in one of those cells is greater than or equal to a date in 6 different cells in the same row we would like the color of the dates with those cells to change to 1 of 6 colors. Showing us exactly what is waiting on which department on any given day. Attached is an example of what we would like it to look like visually but we would like to make these colors populate in the date area (L-NL columns) automatically based on the dates input into the (F-K columns).

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    This is a duplicate thread and will be closed, as you are allowed only ONE thread per issue here.

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