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Thread: Match and display question

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    Match and display question

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    Hello everybody. I am trying to figure out what I consider to be a very difficult problem in Excel, and I am having no luck on the internet searching an answer. My job depends on me figuring this out!

    Let's say I have two columns, Column 1, which contains a range of values, many of them are repeating, and column 2, which contains useful information corresponding to the values in column 1. Like this:

    Col1: Col2:
    1 74
    2 3
    3 -78
    3 4
    3 9
    4 0
    5 74
    5 6
    5 4
    5 4
    5 78
    6 3
    7 74
    8 4
    9 1

    I would like to be able to select a value which I know occurs in col1, then search among the corresponding values in col2 to find the min/max. For example, Lets say I will search for 5, and return the maximum corrsponding value in col2. I want the cell to return 78.

    I know I need to use arrays, index, match, and possibly frequency, but I can't put it all together. Thank you so much in advance!!!

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    See if this is what you are trying to accomplish. those are array formulas in G3 and H3.

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    This method uses array formulas:
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    It is exactly what I'm looking for, thank you so much! I hope this helps somebody else too!

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    Can I expand my question just a touch? What if the value I'm searching for is not exactly what I will find in column 1. For example, lets say I will search for 3.8, then the spreadsheet falls apart. In reality, I want the closest value to 3.8, that is, 4. Can the function be modified? Thank you again!

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    adjust to match your cells


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