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Thread: Change INDEX MATCH Function to UNIQUE FILTER for sorting data

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    Change INDEX MATCH Function to UNIQUE FILTER for sorting data

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    I am relatively new to Excel and its formulas.

    I am work on a task to revise and INDEX, MATCH function and replace it with the UNIQUE & FILTER functions.

    The example I am working on is the following:
    - Search for top value of one column (qty) and bring the cost of those items (Line amount) with them

    Here's the formula that does so right now: =INDEX('Per SKU'!$C:$C,MATCH(C5,'Per SKU'!$K:$K,0))

    This is applied across 10 rows to give me a top 10 list of the top qtys and their total amounts associated.

    The issue is that with this function it returns duplicate values.

    Could someone help provide a solution using the UNIQUE function given the formula I have provided?

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    Welcome to the forum.

    Attach a sample workbook, please. Your formula does not inherently pull a top five list, nor does it sum anything, so we need to see the context.
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