Hi Everyone,

I have been working with a complicated series of connections merging data from different sources (Excel sheets and salesforce reports and tables) together into the format needed for reporting. It has all been working fine so far but when I tried to do a merge on two tables (one coming from a salesforce object and the other the result of several merges) it has come up with an error message:

Date_of_first_arrival_in_the_UK__c FROM Contact WHERE TRUE
ERROR at Row:1:Column:198
unexpected token: 'TRUE'

The strange thing is that the preview is loading all the rows exactly as I want it to, there is just an additional row added that says error in all the columns and when you click on it it comes up with the above message. It is also wierd that it mentions column 198 because I definitely don't have 198 columns in my data. The messages highlights a particular column name ('Date_of_first_arrival_in_the_UK__c') but is not specific to that column becuase when I remove that column from the table expansion it changes the error message to the next column. The error message starts to appear after expanding out the merged connection.

Can anyone explain to me why this is happening and what I might be able to do to fix the problem? Thanks very much in advance