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Thread: Need Urgent Help with Macro or VBA

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    Need Urgent Help with Macro or VBA

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    I am new to macro or VBA and would appreciate if someone can help me.

    So basically I am in charge of tracking all the purchase order of the company and my job is to make sure all the information in each and every purchase ordered is tracked in one single excel file.

    So I have attached 4 files. PO tracking is the main file that captures information from each and every purchase order. Remember all PO's are in exact same format, just their information changes.

    I have manually linked Purchase order number 1 in my PO master file just to show how i want the Purchase order information in my master file.

    Now is there a way using a macro that will automatically link the other purchase order in my master file?

    I get around 10 PO's every day and linking them manually to my master tracking one by one is time consuming

    Please help me
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    can anyone please help me??

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    please help me someone....i really need help on this

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    please help me im still waiting

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    i guess ill move to another forum since no one helps here.

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