Currently i am using Office 2010 along with SP-1, but when i am trying to connect some website via Excel - Data - From Web, I am getting error stating - Browser need to upgrade.

I have installed all latest browsers also, also i have changed the Internet Explorer 9`s compatibility settings also.
(so i am able to see that site properly in Internet Explorer, but not in Excel)

I am confused here, because my regular browser is showing website properly and its up-to-date, but excel is not able to reflect the browser properly and i am not able to view that website in excel.

Some details are again -

1) Office 2010 + SP1

2) IE 9.0 (With compatibility option turned off, using Tools menu and also in Developers tools)

3) Crome + Firefox = Latest versions (just in case)

4) Windows 7 (32 bit - ultimate)

Please help.