New member here.

I've got a set of pivot tables based off of data queries from a non-sql database. The queries and pivot tables are in Excel 2010 on a terminal server (only place I can do the query) and the pivot tables are showing cash needs on a weekly basis based on expected receipt dates for PO's. I want to combine 6 of these pivot tables into a summary.

Pivot tables look like (1 for each store)
PO Number week1 week3 week6 etc.
12345 100
12450 300
12700 400
12999 250
total 100 700 250

I then want to summarize these by week#, but each store does not have product coming in the same week. So some might have week1 and others won't. My summary will list all weeks.

Thinking something like hlookup to compare the week# and pull the total, but I can't seem to make both work.

Is this something that can be done in 2010? Or should I try to connect to the query spreadsheet from my desktop 365 version and play in Power query? I do have power query added to the 2010 version as well.

Thanks for any help