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Thread: Printer Error while updating Data Connections

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    Printer Error while updating Data Connections

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    I created a Excel file to combine different other Excel files in one Pivot-Table, I used Power Query for that. In sense of usability I created a button which updates all connections and Pivots in the file via vba. The button work well on my machine. In contrast to my colleagues machine, when he opens the file a Message Box with this translated text occure: "An error occurred when printing to PRINTER-NAME. Microsoft Excel could not print. This may be caused by the following: ..."

    After he hits "ok". The file is working as expected. I used the following VBA-Code.

        ThisWorkbook.Connections("Query 1").Refresh
        ' wait until query 1 is done
        ThisWorkbook.Connections("Query 2").Refresh
        ' wait until query 2 is done
        ' refresh all PivotTables
        Dim PT As PivotTable
        Dim sheet As Worksheet
        For Each sheet In ThisWorkbook.Sheets
            For Each PT In sheet.PivotTables
            Next PT
        Next sheet
    "Query 1" connects to a file, which contains paths to the files of interests. "Query 2" uses these paths to access the different files and combine them to one datasets. This makes it necessary to update "Query 1" first, and afterwards update "Query 2".

    I have no idea, where this Error is coming from. The file is not designed to print anything and my colleagues didn't print that day. I would be glad, if someone could give me a hint on that.

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