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Thread: Sorting Causes Worksheet to End at 16,000 or So

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    Sorting Causes Worksheet to End at 16,000 or So

    Hi everyone, I'm using Excel as part of Office 365. I have a spreadsheet for my music collection, and it does something that confuses me. It's not serious or critical, but I'd like to know why it does this, and if it can be prevented.

    I've converted the spreadsheet to a table, so I can use slicers. When I use CTRL + END to go to the end of the list, Excel goes precisely to the very last row that has been entered. This is perfect and exactly what I want.

    However, if I sort any column in the worksheet, then when I try scrolling down to the end via CTRL + END, it goes way, far down to the last blank row, which is something like 16,000!

    I know how to fix this when it happens, by using PAGE DOWN to get to the final row, and then entering new data in the next available open row. Not a big deal to fix, but I was wondering if there's a way to prevent Excel from going all the way to the very end whenever I sort. I'm wondering if I may not have created the table correctly? Or is there a reason why this happens when I sort a column?

    Thank you! Jd
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