I am having difficulties changing the data layout from this
uniqueNum Element:Text
V20161340968842 NFPA/HMIS 1-2
V20166723510435 NFPA/HMIS 1-2
V20166723528133 NFPA/HMIS 1-2
V20166805482263 No Chronic health concerns
V20166805483563 No Acute health concerns
V20166805483563 No Chronic health concerns
V20170170974086 NFPA/HMIS 1-2
V20210182407904 NFPA/HMIS 1-2
V20210182407904 GHS 3-4
V20210182407904 No Acute health concerns
V20210182407904 No Chronic health concerns
V20222968581757 No Chronic health concerns

to this

uniqueNum NFPA/HMIS 1-2 No Chronic health concerns No Acute health concerns GHS 3-4
V20161340968842 Yes
V20166723510435 Yes
V20166723528133 Yes
V20166805482263 Yes
V20166805483563 Yes Yes
V20170170974086 Yes
V20210182407904 Yes Yes Yes Yes
V20222968581757 Yes

I've tried grouping, pivoting but not getting the results I'm looking for. Any suggestions?

Thank you