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Thread: Odata queries dynamic URL in one database

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    Odata queries dynamic URL in one database

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    I want to fetch Sharepoint User lists and security groups by using the Rest API.
    The URL to the odata feed is:

    The ID (red) is dynamic. There are different IDs for each security group. I got all IDs in another odata query.

    For now I managed to set a dynamic URL connection like stated here:

    So I am able to Change the standard-value at the parameter and the Odata query (Abfrage3) changes automatically.
    ( eg. )

    My goal is to fetch all this Odata queries into one database.
    There are more than 250 IDs.... Is that possible?

    Thank you in advance!
    PS: My Power Query skills are at a beginner-level... but I am learning every day


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    It would seem to me that you could put all 250 URLs into a table, open that in PQ, then have a function (similar to what you have for the dynamic URL) that you assign into a separate column, then unpack the results. Can't be more explicit as I don't know your code nor the URLs.

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