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Thread: how to copy data with multiple cases matched.

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    Thanks for writing a code for me its great it works just fine!

    Now you know what I was needed earlier, let's suppose I have sheet called "OUTPUT" which contains few Rows of column "A" text = "CLEAR",
    if I want last entry of " CLEAR " to be focused,
    just 1 Row below this "CLEAR" row remains,
    every row below this 1 row to the last filled row of column "B" would be deleted,
    in this 1 row in column "D" ,"E","F","G","J" & "K" would be cleared!

    Remember this process is just for the last "CLEAR" entry (from downwards to upwards it'd be the first) & not for every "CLEAR" entry the sheet contains,

    any suggestion what would be the code for that purpose!
    waiting for your reply!

    Thanks again.

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    any suggestion what would be the code for that purpose!
    Using the macro recorder while manually doing this will give you the basis for the coding required.

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