I am working with Excel spreadsheets that have 20-25 pages. Some are portrait, some are landscape. I now need to create a PDF of this file for distribution. I do have Acrobat Pro X on my computer so I can 1) print to Adobe PDF or 2) print to Microsoft Print to PDF. The problem is I am being asked to save multiple files based on the orientation. This was never a problem before installing Windows 10 and Office 365. I used to be able to Print to PDF and it would automatically pdf the pages based on the orientation of the individual worksheets. Please tell me there is something I haven't set up properly or I am missing something. I do not have the time to print 30 spreadsheets into multiple files and then piece them back together. That is not an efficient use of time.

My apologies if this has been covered already. I just joined the forum and tried to search on "orientation" to see if there was a thread but didn't find any.