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Thread: Need urgent help to get macro, plz help

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    Question Need urgent help to get macro, plz help

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    I am new to macro's & my boss have assigned me work to create macro, as of now I am just copying the below files after editing from ultra edit in excel sheet from unix
    I am good in shell scripting so the task is like below:

    Size Month Date Time File Name Volume
    1000 Aug 13 19:03 abc_123_201209102003072965_abc.bin-20120910200404
    1000 Aug 14 19:03 abc_tcatnf_123_201209141902220126_abc.bin-20120914190310
    1000 Aug 15 19:02 abc_tcatnf_123_201209131902314532_abc.bin-20120913190250
    There are hundreds of different file names like above

    I need to create macro like this:

    I need to copy all the information like above which is in a scattered way to one tab of excel sheet & the main information will be populated in the second tab in the above format in the excel sheet.
    I know I am asking everything but i have no time for learning I am really thankful to anyone who will give the solution to the above problem.
    I am also attaching the sample excel sheet.

    Thanks & Regards,
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    Post an example of the results so we can see what you want to do.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    if you see the attched sheet I have dumbed the raw data in one worksheet & in the second sheet i want it to populate the data under the header:

    Size Month Date Time File Name Volume

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