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Thread: Break line chart on categories in horizontal axis

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    Break line chart on categories in horizontal axis

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    Hi, I'm new to excelguru!

    I am creating a combined excel chart to compare financials across different stores within the same entity.
    Specifically, I want to display revenues (clustered columns) and EBITDA margin (line w/ markers) for 2016-2018 for 3 different stores.
    However, I want the line chart displaying EBITDA margin to 'break' for each store, meaning I want it to be discontinuous and only show 3 and 3 values at the time.

    In the attached excel file you can see both the input data and the current chart. In the chart on the right I have the continuous line chart, but I want the one to the left (keep in mind, this is created using the grey input data in the first image, but I want to do it in another way as is it is both time consuming when I have a larger data set than this, and also work bad on the legends (as it shows one legend for each series)).

    Any suggestions are highly appreciated!
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    Simplest fix would be to add column between groups. Add space to category group row in order to get the grouping correct
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