I am building a workbook that needs to pull changing data from multiple tabs to the Mastersheet (1st Tab). The formula/function will need to find / grab the data from each tab by an identifier. Lines are added and removed often, which is why I want to match/pull by the identifier. I really hope this all makes sense...


Mastersheet - Cell A3 (Identifier) = JOB123
Cell E3 (Current Hours) = Tab-2, Cell B1
Cell F3 (Total Hours) = Tab-2, Cell B5
Cell H3 (Overtime) = Tab-3, Cell D2

Tab-2 - Cell A1 (Identifier) = JOB123
Cell B1 (Current Hours)
Cell B5 (Total Hours)

Tab-3 - Cell B2 (Identifier) = JOB123
Cell D2 (Overtime Hours)