Admittedly I'm hopeless with Excel, I'm desperately trying but not succeeding at this point with something. I was wondering if anyone could help possibly?

Trying to work out how to do an IF query in Excel. Attempting to set up some basic stuff for work.

Commission rate A 4% is in B6, Commission rate B 8% is in C6.
Commission Limit of 1000 A is in B7 and Limit 2000 B is in C7.

What I'm trying to work out, is how to do it so that if my guys sell enough during the week (we only run a family furniture business, starting out), how to calculate their comission.

If B12 is where their sales go, and c12 is where I want the commission to be calculated to, how do I work it so that IF its equal to or greater than 2000, it's calculated by 8%, IF its greater than 1000 but less than 2000 the get 4%. If they sell under 1000 a week they get 0?

I've been trying all day and just can't get it. Advice?