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Thread: =Search & =Rank problem

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    Angry =Search & =Rank problem

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    Hello! I'm new to this site, apologies if i'm asking a noob question. But I've been stuck on this one problem I'm experiencing. I'm creating a search in excel and I have a list of accounts (1,800 entries) Name City State Etc.. However in the Name column we are utilizing addresses as names as well as regular customer names; so essentially some cells in the customer name column will have just and address like 19-23 42nd street building then the next cell will be a name of a customer like Mr.Smith Residence. Now when I sttempt to type in the customer name like Mr.Smith or just Mr. it works fine it populates a list, but when I attempt to enter a customer name 18 or 18-23 (number) nothing happens. I used "=search then = rank then =vlookup".............
    Please help! Thank you!

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    Hi dahaze140,

    Can you post a sample workbook showing what you've described?

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