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    Complex counting help

    HI. I am, a new user trying to figure out how to count text items in a database of thin client peripheral device details using Excel 2016. The database has about 9,000 records, I am attaching the first 50-or so as a sample. The database contains 4 columns. The first column is a Site number, the second column is the number of a thin client device at the site, (there can be up to 9 thin client devices at a site number and then the next 2 columns are the 2 VGA connection ports with a text description of the function that each of the connected VGA devices is tied to. Some cells are blank. I need to count some of the devices based on a set of 'rules' that I am outlining below.

    I am able to easily count the number of connected VGA devices using this formula in column 'E' =COUNTIFS(C3:D3,"*",C3:D3,"<>GRILL"); I am looking for help in coming up with a formula to count the other items using these rules.

    VGA MONITOR COUNT = Count 1 VGA monitor for each port that is not blank AND does not contain "GRILL"
    I am using this formula for this first count: COUNTIFS(C3;D3,"*",C3:D3,"<>GRILL"). This seems to work.
    KEYPAD COUNT = Count 1 keypad for each VGA Monitor but only for the first instance of "DT" within a Site #, also excluding all "FRY" stations
    I need to determine a formula to count these keypads but excluding the duplicate 'DT' counts and all 'FRY' station instances.
    GRILL TOUCH MONITOR COUNT = Count the first instance of "GRILL" within a Site # but exclude all other instances at that same Site #
    I assume this count formula would be similar to the one for the rule above?

    Please let me know if you can help me avoid having to manually go through each line item to get the counts or if you have any questions or need additional information. Many Thanks!
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