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Thread: Help With SumIfs

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    Help With SumIfs

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    Hi I wonder if anyone can help as Iím not an excel expert and am stuck.
    Iíve entered some dummy data into my workbook to test it but canít figure out whatís wrong
    Iím trying to use a SUMIFS formula but canít get it to work and I canít see where Iíve gone wrong so if anybody could help that would be great.
    What I want it to do is provide a weekly total of hours & minutes spent on calls by worker on the Inbox Record Log worksheet from data recorded on the worksheet between A2:J68 using a SUMIFS.
    Iím trying to get the data to appear next to the correct worker name from Cell N3 week33 for worker John to cell X7 week 43 for worker Jason and I want the formula to add all the time by each worker in column J for each week Colum A.

    Iíve tried two different version of the formula, one with ranges (see range names below) and one without.
    Range Names

    • WeekNo which references Colum A (Week No) on worksheet Index Record Log
    • TimeTaken which references Colum (Time Taken) on worksheet Index Record Log
    • Worker which references Colum I (Worker) on worksheet Index Record Log

    The two version of the formula Iíve written but canít get to work is on the in cells N3 and 03 worksheet.
    Can anybody help?
    Thanks in advance for taking the time to read and any response.
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    Your formula in column O3 was very close. The problem was that your named ranges were different lengths. WeekNo went from A2:A69 while Worker and TimeTaken went through H2:H68 and J2:J68, respectively. For some reason, SUMIFS is sensitive to the sum range and the criteria range(s) being the same length. Here is the correct formula.


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