Good Day,
I have a persistent issue that myself not my IT group has been able to figure out.

I have Office Professional Plus 2016 working on Windows 10-64 bit. Currently when I open any excel work book, even one off my hard drive or a completely new work book, excel will freeze up for approximately 10 seconds every 30 seconds unless one of the following:
1. I am connected to my work VPN
2. I have all internet connections disabled
3. I am in safe mode

I'm not sure why excel is constantly trying to access something off my work server but once I connect to the VPN it works fine. Things I have tried:

1. Changing default printer to local printer
2. Deleting all server printers entirely
3. Disabling all add-ons
4. Deleting all add-on registry items
5. Running repair tool
6. Completely uninstalling and reinstalling Office Professional Plus 2016

Thinks I haven't tried:
Completely reformatting my entire computer (though I am close)

This doesn't happen with any other MS program (Word, Projects, Outlook etc), only excel. I have no real timeline on when this started but it has been over a year.

If anyone has any suggestions I am open to trying. Please let me know if you need any other info.