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Thread: Inventory System: Suitable Formulae & Data Collation

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    Inventory System: Suitable Formulae & Data Collation

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    I am a novice excel user who knows what I want to do and spends hours watching youtube videos trying to figure stuff out before I ask questions. I am currently tasked during this Covid-19 Pandemic to track inventory of disinfectant products, masks, gloves, etc across the country to a number of facilities. I have novice end users who log inventory received (adding to their stock) as well as how much they distribute to employees (reducing their stock). We currently do not have all locations open but for the ones that are, I needed to try to figure out a way to manage this, so I attempted to create a spreadsheet.

    The spreadsheet has what I'd consider the minimum requirements. A summary of all locations, what products we are tracking, individual locations where they are adding/deducting as product enters and exits. I know an expert will look at my spreadsheet and chuckle at the way I tried to make things easy. I'm sure there are so many better ways to do this, but I've got something that kinda works (although its really clunky).

    I'm asking you people that do this a lot to take a look and if you have time, suggest improvements. I'm guessing some will say "start over", haha... and that's fine.

    I've painted myself in a corner with this as its challenging for me now to add additional locations, add additional products. The people that work for me are doing their best but quite frankly, I know the data input is messy and open to them making mistakes. I could use a hand as I'm over my head and have hit a wall trying to make it better.

    Oh- last thing- I had to cut the spreadsheet down by eliminating locations. There is a max file size for an upload that I exceeded.

    Thanks in advance for your comments/suggestions.
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