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Thread: Comparison Operator formula to display "N/A" when referred cell is N/A too

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    Comparison Operator formula to display "N/A" when referred cell is N/A too

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    Hi dear members,

    I would appreciate your kind help on the below comparison formula.

    I have a comparison formula set like this in cell H5 - red circled below- which is showing "N/A" since there are no values in bw cells B5 and G5. This is ok!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	comp1.JPG 
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    But I have another foruma in cell E5 - red circled below - where I refer to this previous cell "N/A".

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	comp2.JPG 
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    The formula here should check if the values is in between the given number ranges and should return an error as the referred cell is an "N/A" therefore it does not fall into any number ranges. But this returns a 5 as default and I do not understand why. If I put a number in the first chart and the forumula returns not N/A but a number, then this forumula in the second screenshot works perfectly.
    I would like this second formula's cell - E5 to return "N/A" if the referred cell - H5 - has "N/A" in it. Any ideas how to do that?

    Many thanks!

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