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Thread: Exporting Outlook Calendar List to Excel

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    Question Exporting Outlook Calendar List to Excel

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    I'm hoping someone can help me with a solution that doesn't require programming... I am an Executive Assistant and support several executives, so I work with calendaring often. I like using the "List" view of the calendar, but would really like to be able to export the list into an Excel spreadsheet. I'm not a programmer, so this may limit the solutions (if any!).
    I can't understand why Microsoft hasn't already made that as an option.....but would like to hear from you gurus on this topic. Thank you so much!

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    Have you tried to copy & paste to Excel (or another program)?

    If that does not yield satisfactory results, then you may want to try a office addin called WinCalendar. It will allow you to import may Outlook calendars into an Excel list or as fully formatted calendars as Word or Excel files. Google "Outlook to WinCalendar" for more info

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