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Thread: Daily, monthly, yearly report

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    Daily, monthly, yearly report

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    I'm new to excel. I just got a promotion on my job and I supervisor 6 people. When my personal email their monday-sunday daily activity report I want to input It into a entry form and that activity information is added to a weekly report and the weekly report is added to a monthly report and the monthly report is added to a yearly report. I also would like to print a report on each person (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly report.) I also would like to do comparison charts. If someone could point me in the right direction it would be great and thank you for your help. I have a list of the daily activities. The daily activity will be reported to me in numbers(1-20) and dollars ($0.00). I want to input this on a entry for and it be stored and can be retrieved later in the form of a report / chart. I have microsoft office 2000 at home and I have office 2010 at work.

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    That should be easily doable with a bit of VBA and worksheet formulae. But that is as far as we can realistically go without knowing what the inputs look like, and your desired outputs. I hope that you give you team better directions than you gave us.

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