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Thread: Listings based on a partial cell search?

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    Question Listings based on a partial cell search?

    Hi everyone. I'm trying to find out if I can simplify the process from our GPS survey machine. I've attached a reduced version of the spreadsheet - it does come with a bunch of other tabs, but it puts it over the size limit so I've cut those out.

    Basically, in the 'ExtractAll' tab, I'm wanting to have formulas to find the data from the 'Raw Data' tab and put it in the Extract 1 part, unfortunately it's not been as simple as I was hoping. I figure if I can get the Label column right, the others can use the same function to get their data. The labels all start with PN, but the rest of it is whatever you labelled the point when surveying (so PNTOC3 for example would be the third point I've taken for the top of curb of a roadway) and that's been my issue - can excel find data on a partial search (something like "find data in column B of the 'Raw Data' tab starting with PN")?

    I cheated with the 'Sheet1' tab by copying the data I wanted from 'Raw Data' and just forcing the 'ExtractAll' tab to use that. But this was a small survey of only about 100 points, I don't want to have to do that with a large survey as it would be very time consuming. There isn't really a row pattern with the PN's either; sometimes there's a gap of 7 rows, other times it's 9.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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