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Thread: How to split values into intervals

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    How to split values into intervals

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    in my table I have customers and their total spend. I need to assign to customers a discount. The amount of discount depends on the amount of spending. For example, <1000 is a discount of 0%, from 1001 to 2000 is a discount of 5%, from 2001 to 3000 is 7%, ...

    I have tried IF function, but it is too complicated, because there is a lot of conditions. Is there some other solution?


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    It can easily be handled with SUMPRODUCT. Post the details of the conditions, I will work out the formula for you.

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    Something like this may work for you:

    A2 represents the Customer Total Purchase, the formula will provide the percent discount (format the formula cell as a percent).

    Or, this will provide the discounted purchase amount:


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    I was thinking more like this

    =SUMPRODUCT(--(A3>{0;1000;2000;3000;40000}), (A3-{0;1000;2000;3000;40000}), {0;0.05;0.02;0.02;0.03})

    to handle the variable rates

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